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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A partnership made with the purpose to conquer the world

8:33 PM - By Mostafizur Firoz 0

An optional business enterprise structure certification, has launched new possibilities to a worldwide consultancy so that a project handles elements of several of the world's greatest infrastructure together with energy projects choosing an expert in development legislation technique.
SLS Solicitors Limited which until now was trading as Systech Solicitor, from now on will be part of Systech International with a purpose to deliver authorized, industrial and specialized services for customers, both under the same brand- name. Part of the brand- name is Mark Woodward.
In present Systech International owns 28 offices all around the globe and handles projects for multi-million dollar value, in here included is the project for Dubai metro light rail system, a nuclear program owned by US and the newest project regarding Doha international airport from Qatar.
One of the biggest law firm specialized in construction and engineering practices, was validated five years ago and owns a big team of 20 lawyers.
The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) authorized the ABS. The managing director, Brian Quinn, a barrister and a solicitor of Systech Solicitors, will act as compliance agent for all parts like administration, finance and practice.
In the last couple of months, between Systech Solicitors and Systech International there have been a good communication related to the client base, according to Mark Woodward Smith. The customers from the developing sector - in which the debates, most of the time means a complexity of legal, commercial and technical issues - seems to like the idea of a unique responsibility, which now can be brought under one brand-name.
Systech International will keep the common base inner ABS. Right now the company counsel on UK and the international debates have values of tens of millions of Euros. The partnership between the 2 companies will be in both part advantage by enlarging the customer market, which will have the opportunity to work with a company with an increasing experience.
In other words these means both companies will own an even bigger client base and they also have an access to a higher capital. Seeing the last years of business of both companies the expansion of it can highland, and the partnership will help both of them to reach the next stage of the developing plan, a plan which was put in place and managed by both CEO's having in the end one purpose - to be the first company from the market which offers those services.

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